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Meet Gavin Buckley
“I'm not running for Mayor because I have higher political aspirations. I'm not running because I need a job. I'm running because I have a vision for what our city and community can be.

Gavin Buckley, Annapolis small business owner and resident, is the visionary behind the revitalization of West Street, creation of the West Village Precinct, and beloved community events including Dining Under the Stars, the First Sunday Arts Festival, the Chocolate Festival, and the Fringe Festival.

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Gavin Buckley

Upcoming Events

It’s time to Get Out the Vote!
4–7 November
Canvassing and phone banks at various times and locations
Please come and join us in the vital - and final - phase of getting the word out about Gavin’s vision, our Democrat candidates, and the importance of voting on Tuesday November 7. There are multiple shifts over multiple days, and training will be provided so please, please come and join us as we need an army of volunteers to cover all shifts and get the word out to Annapolis voters. Please sign up using this link.

Coffee Hour with Gavin
Every Tuesday until November 7: 8–9:30 AM
Every Thursday until November 7: 4–5:30 PM

49 West Coffeehouse, 49 West St, Annapolis
Join Gavin on Tuesday mornings and/or Thursday afternoons, at the times shown above, to talk about the issues that are most important to you.  Coffee and pastries provided by 49 West. RSVP

Deadline for Absentee Ballots Looming
Applications are due Tuesday October 31
This year for the first time absentee ballots in the City's elections are widely available. If you will be out of town or unable to make it to a polling place on November 7, apply for your absentee ballot today by using this link. Please also share this information with your friends. Ballots can be mailed from anywhere.

Mayoral Town Hall
Wednesday November 1: 6.30–8PM
Eastport Community Centre, 1014 President Street, Annapolis
Please join us for this town hall designed to give Annapolis residents an opportunity to participate in the election process and engage candidates on the issues that matter to you. This Town Hall is co-sponsored by Action Annapolis, the Board of Directors of Bywater Mutual Homes Inc, and the Eastport Terrace Residents’ Association. RSVP information to follow.

Historic Preservation Roundtable
Thursday November 2: 5:30 – 7PM
Old Fox Books & Coffeehouse, 35 Maryland Avenue, Annapolis
Please join Gavin Buckley, Aldermanic Candidate Elly Tierney, and our moderator, Former Ward One Residents Association President Minor Carter for a roundtable discussion about the importance of historic preservation.  Thank you to Old Fox Books & Coffeehouse for hosting. Free & open to the public. RSVP

Get Out the Vote Rally!
Thursday, November 2: 7 – 8:30 PM
Mount Olive Community Life Center, 2 Hicks Avenue, Annapolis
Please join us for our Get Out the Vote Rally with Gavin Buckley, Elly Tierney, Kurt Riegel, Rhonda Pindell-Charles, Sheila M. Finlayson, Marc Rodriguez, Shaneka Henson, Rob Savidge, Ross Arnett, Speaker Mike Busch, the Annapolis Democratic Party, the Anne Arundel County Democratic Party, the Caucus of African American Leaders, and Anne Arundel County Indivisible. We need your help to make sure every we talk to every voter in Annapolis by November 7 and this rally will fire us up for the final weekend of the campaign where we will sign up to knock on doors, make phone calls, drive people to the polls, and help elect our great Democratic nominees for Mayor and City! RSVP

Positive Vibes Party For Gavin
Saturday November 4: 7 – 11PM
Lemongrass, 167 West St, Annapolis
Calling all Annapolitans: Come out for the LAST RALLY for Gavin! Join us this Saturday night for live local music, good company and a celebration with Gavin and your neighbors ahead of Election Day on Tuesday, November 7. This event is free! RSVP

Find your Polling Place
Vote on Tuesday 7 November
Want to know where you can go to vote on election day, Tuesday November 7? This polling place locator will help you find the polling place closest to you.

Vote for Gavin on Election Day!
November 7, 2017
Calling all Annapolitans! We need you to turnout on election day and vote for Gavin. Let's stand up for affordable housing, an economy for everyone, 21st-century traffic solutions, re-connecting our diverse neighborhoods, and environmental leadership. PLEASE make sure you know your polling place. This polling place locator will help you find the polling place closest to you. Polls will be open from 7AM to 8PM.  RSVP here and let us know that you have Gavin’s back!

Gavin's Vision
Talking to local
“My vision is for a city that is more sustainable, more accessible and better connected, more family and community oriented. It's a vision for what Annapolis can be, and the opportunities we can create for ourselves, our kids, our future.

Shaking hands

Create a downtown for all residents

Gavin will draw on his 25 years of business experience to shape Main Street into a corridor that once again serves locals and tourists alike – applying the same leadership and vision behind the revitalization of West Street. Gavin knows that economic success is driven by strong communities built on shared experiences of arts & culture, good food, accessible services, and shops and businesses that reflect the broad range of residents and their priorities.

Outside courthouse

Institute responsive and open local government

Residents must be informed and engaged early in the development process. Gavin will consult widely across our culturally and geographically diverse community for input on the City’s ‘Comprehensive Plan’. A more transparent decision process that keeps residents involved at every step is the key to better City planning, better traffic and better schools.

In front of cyclist

Invest in 21st century traffic and infrastructure solutions

Integrated transit options are at the heart of a functional modern city and are the key to ensuring residents and visitors can travel across our city more easily and efficiently. Gavin will prioritize pedestrians, bikes, trolleys, and cars – in that order – to ease traffic congestion. He will connect our green spaces, develop new bike paths, and extend the bus and trolley system to connect residential, business, and recreational areas.
More information: Proposal – Annapolis Bike Path Improvements

Clapping with kids

Lead the State on green initiatives

Annapolis has a deep connection to water and the local environment. Gavin will make our city a leader in green energy and common-sense water quality measures to protect our residents, property, and natural resources from the threats of flooding and pollution. He is committed to the Paris Climate Agreement and to protecting the Bay from challenges by the Federal Government.
More information: Policy Fact Sheet – It’s time to care for our environment

Laughing with locals

Build community safety on mutual respect and local opportunities

Respect and engagement are essential foundations for effective local services and public safety. To promote safe, secure neighborhoods, Gavin will work to give all Annapolis residents access to local opportunities and employment, and will ensure that police officers, firefighters and teachers are engaged with the communities they serve. When residents, local government and business work together, and on behalf of each other, vibrant communities and economies thrive.

Watch these videos to learn more about Gavin, his vision, and policies.


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